Day Care Program

3 months old up to 18 months
We helping infants to discover the world, learning to communicate and understand, developing sense of self and others.
By playing hiding games and using toys explore the objects around repetitive games to enlighten baby imaginations using various materials to explore world and setting around them. Help babies physically practice their physical and large motor development encourage with sounding toys and books.
Infants care
By responding to the baby expression of emotions maintain eye contact talking to the babies through a day by using babies name place them together with other babies to communicate beginning with self regulations.
Facilitating the environment for their immediate needs, we try always speak with the baby by their genetic languages.
Reading a rhyming books and singing the songs, to engage their cognitive discover and learn.

To help their creative side develop, we touch and feel different textures, express feelings through movement, listen to music, and play toy instruments.
We practice memory skills, engage all five senses, and copy simple actions—all to help build baby's brain power.

We build lots of early literacy activities into our day. We read tons of books, point and name objects, listen to their baby babble, and talk and make sounds back to them.
Building a first vocabulary by using genetic and other languages, reading rhymes and providing the opportunities to complete familiar song or rhyme to develop pre-reading and prewriting skills. Using music , dramatic play experiencing with variety of toys and materials in the diverse multilingual nurturing environment.