Day Care Program

Almost 3 up to 4 years old
Beginning to develop a self confidence, attending and focusing skills, increasing of vocabulary on different language familiar to the child, attachment you the books and reading them.
Daily routines and discipline, performing more complex movement and coordination skills Continuing developing seeking and listening skills. Identifying body parts on their own, begins to exploring and create their own art and their own things.
Exploring in art, appreciating music, encourage young children to participate in creative movement and dramatic play to learn social and emotional intellects of others. Interacting with adults and other children improving communication skills and self regulations, showing interest in books and recognizing symbols and responding to them. Start using writing utensils for first scribbles.
Developing skills in problem solving, reasoning, communication and memory with daily routines. Large and fine motor development. Identify skills that lead to personal hygiene and health practices.
Pre K care
In pre-K, your child will deepen their knowledge in language, math, science and social skills. They'll also participate in at least two hours of movement each day.

Prekindergartners practice resolving conflicts with words on their own or with a teacher's help. We also teach kindness and respect by helping kids talk about themselves and their families, so they learn to appreciate each other's differences and similarities.

Creative expression really comes alive at this age! Kids express themselves with all the art mediums, follow multi-step directions while moving around, and play instruments while making up songs!

Pre K care
Visual art and bit of music will englighting them to create their own sounds on different instrument.