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Super Genius
Kid Concept

The concept was nominated by the US Department of Education for the "Global Education Award of 2020"

Super Genius Kid Concept
Thank you for your interest in my website and the concept of our Multilingual kindergarten in Las Vegas.
As a mother of two children and three grandchildren, I know how important quality education is from early childhood.

Velena Baranova
Author's of the concept
What the concept includes "Super Genius Kid?"
Our method is aimed at the harmonious development of the child's 12 intellects and life experience. Every day your children will enjoy exciting activities with elements of music, art, arithmetic and reading.

In our Super Genius school, we encourage the independence of each Genius in every lesson, and we respect the point of view of children. Based on this, children are liberated, feel positive and strive to work on themselves.

For the development of social intelligence in our children, some objects of the subject – developing environment have been created for the psycho-emotional unloading of children and socialization of children.

In the classes at Super Genius kindergarten, we develop all 12 types of intelligence, which Tony Buzen describes in his methodology and 2 are studied by our methodology.

As a certified nutritionist, I pay special attention to a balanced nutrition system. If the child's nutrition is built correctly, he will develop both mentally and physically.

We know how important it is for a child to develop not only intellectually, but also physically. Therefore, we do not charge with the usual exercises, but every day-new games that children are looking forward to.

The development of social and emotional intelligence in preschool children is a priority in the organization and implementation of the educational process in a Super Genius school.

In this way, our children learn how to get rid of anger without offending anyone, how to negotiate with their peers and make peace with someone. To solve this problem, we organize appropriate conditions for You and create a favorable environment for the socialization of children.

Our annual program
2 weeks
2 weeks
Observation and adjustment
Super Genius Concept development of both Hampshire's where each child to be observe and adjusted for first 2 weeks
9 months
9 months
Individual program
Individual program would be created for that individual Genius
2 weeks
2 weeks
Summative assessment
leading to a summer program or resting
Our method is aimed at the harmonious development of the child's 12 intellects and life experience
  • 4 children per 1 teacher
  • balanced nutrition system
  • favorable environment for the socialization of children
  • teaching children through art
  • development of the child's 12 intellects
  • training in two languages
How preschool learning helps in the early onset of a child's development ?
The first five years in a child's life is a crucial phase to lay the foundation for optimal development. During these years, children are exposed to and learn a number of areas simultaneously. Super genius kid concept Redwood NV is critical as it enhances your child's abilities and future learning potential.

It's important to know that the child development process is not limited to just learning 1,2,3,4, and A, B, C, D. It's a process by which a child matures, evolves, and matures in different capacities and stages. Preschool learning is focused on these developmental goals rather than only teaching children to read and write.

4 ways preschool learning helps in the early onset of a child's development:
At Super Genius Kid Center, we have brought the Super Genius Kid concept Redwood to promote the harmonious development of your child.