Day Care Program

18 months up to 30 months
Assisting children to express their feelings and develop self-recognition, beginning to help them develop listening and speaking skills, increasing their vocabulary for future readiness and literacy. A lot of drawings beginning of developing tracing and coloring skills.
By providing play and learn environment full with educational toys for sensory explorations, beginning develop skills of cause and effect, also beginning of problem solving, communication, reasoning and memory.
Constantly moving , showing and increasing large muscle control and manipulative skills. Variety of differ arts and music to wake two sides of the brain.
Toddlers care
Toddlers care
Making art, stacking blocks, reading books—no matter what your toddler loves to do or where they are developmentally, we'll help them explore their interests as they play and learn.

Activities like sorting, counting, and measuring things help budding brains grasp science and math concepts. We build their focus and memory with simple daily routines. Teachers also support physical skills like learning to walk or roll a ball.

At this age, relationships with classmates and teachers begin to form. We use social and emotional skill-building tools like feelings magnets and puppets to help them learn about their own feelings, and notice the feelings of others.